Moulded cellulose, or moulded fibre, is a packaging material composed mainly of recycled paper and cardboard.
Although its industrial production started over 100 years ago, moulded fibre has only recently become a reference material for packaging and for chocking numerous products .
Often associated with egg boxes, it is now used in many other sectors of activity and appreciated for its protective and ecological properties.


Because the product is made entirely from paper, the finished product is recyclable with paper products. Paper products are widely recycled and the recycling process is relatively efficient when compared with plastic or glass.


We have 3 types of raw material to choose from, all of which come from the waste product of another product.


Derived from the waste product of sugarcane production. This gives white, smooth appearance.
Corrugated board – Derived from the waste of recycled corrugated brown boxes. This gives a brown, rough appearane


Derived from the waste product of bamboo wood. This gives a similar appearance to sugarcane.


Should the product end up in a landfill or end up in the sea, unlike plastics the paper pulp product will degrade relatively quickly due to it being made entirely of paper and water.