Plastic Carrier Bags

Our plastic carrier bags come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Bags with punched out handles, vest style handles, and loop handles are available, and look great when printed with a company name or slogan.


White Clear Plastic Carrier Bags

Economy range carrier bags.
Made from a white HD plastic film. Punched out handles have a reinforced patch on the inside for extra strength.
Bags are suitable to hold up to 3 kilos in weight.
The plastic is 30-35 microns thick
Picture is for illustrative purposes only, if colour is important please ask for a sample.


Vest Style Plastic Bags

Vest Style White Carrier Bags

Plastic Food Containers

We offer a range of disposable plastic containers with lids which are ideal for take aways and home use. The range includes rectangular and round plastic containers along with multi compartment containers, all of which are leak resistant and microwave safe.

Popular with take aways and restaurants offering take away food. These containers will be frozen, but may go a little brittle if frozen and defrosted too many times.

These containers are BPA free.

Plastic Drink Containers

Plastic Cups and Glasses

Plastic Drink Bottles & Lids

Plastic Bottle for all your delicious Juices and drinks: This juice bottle is your most essential supply if you’re selling bottled juices, smoothies, Iced Drinks, Shots, Veg and dairy drinks, detox and juice cleanses in your food shop.
100% recyclable Juice bottle This Square PET Plastic Bottle is manufactured from premium clear PET. Encourage your customers to give it another life by recycling it.

Promote your Brand, Boosts your sales This plastic bottle is plain, so presents a huge opportunity for you to promote your brand. Just add your stickers, showcase your good works, and watch your customers promote your good works.